Explore the mystery of fresh brewing culture in both Japanese sake and American craft beer

This program invites the tour participants to a bar-hopping entertainment in Yoshidamachi where they will get a chance to explore deep into the local downtown, just as if we were playing around in a secret base as once we did in our childhood. After the arrival of Perry, the U.S-Japan diplomacy opened and Yoshidamachi became a pioneering town that started its trading business worldwide. People can explore the attractiveness of both American and Japanese brewing culture in comparison. Then, they will enjoy a delightful pastime tasting Japanese rice wine, “sake”. As a master of “sake”, the bar owner will guide them through the depth of “sake”, and they can enjoy its taste by comparing the Kanagawa brand with the other local brands. Small dishes of food will also be prepared. Wandering in the mystery of fresh brewing culture in the culture-comparison never ends.


Date/Time To be announced
Venues Various establishments in and around Yoshidamachi
# of participants 10
Fee To be announced
Program Timetable 18:00 Meet at JR Kannai Station North Exit. Then walk to Yoshidamachi.
18:15 Self-introduction, Video and slides highlighting the attractive stories of YOSHIDAMACHI
18:45 The participants will stroll around Yoshidamachi while listening to the tour guide explain to them about the various places of interest in the neighborhood.
19:00 They will enjoy one American craft beer @ “Antena Amerca”
20:00-21:00 Then, they will explore the depth of “sake”, Japanese wine by comparing its differences of Japanese locals.


Contact information

Tel: 090-5752-0163 (Baba)
E-mail: yuko.baba.007@gmail.com


Yoshidamachi Commercial Avenue Association
76-3 Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0041


Nearest stations

2-minute walk from JR Kannai Station
7-minute walk from Yokohama City Subway Kannai Station