Savor the Japanese dishes cooked with My Odashi

“Odashi” or simply “dashi” is the Japanese term for soup stock usually made from fish (such as, shaved dried bonito) and/or seaweed (such as, dried kelp). This program provides the tour participants the opportunity to create their own dashi (i.e. “My Odashi”). Not only that, they will then be served some special dishes cooked in a well-established Japanese restaurant in Yoshidamachi, using their own “My Odashi”! It is “Odashi” that very heart of Japanese Food which is registered by UNESCO in 2013. Through this tour, they will be able to touch the depth of Japanese Food.


Date/Time To be announced
Venues Various establishments in and around Yoshidamachi
# of participants 4
Fee To be announced
Program Timetable 18:00 Meet at JR Kannai Station North Exit. Then walk to Yoshidamachi.
18:15 Self-introduction, video and slides highlighting the attractive stories of YOSHIDAMACHI, Making “my ODASHI”
19:30-21:00 The participants will stroll around Yoshidamachi while listening to the tour guide explain about the various places of interest in the neighborhood. They will then be taken to a Japanese restaurant in town where they will be able to try out a special dish cooked by the restaurant’s chefs using their own “My Odashi”, along with one drink (i.e. “sake”, Japanese wine) that goes well together.


Contact information

Tel: 090-5752-0163 (Baba)
E-mail: yuko.baba.007@gmail.com


Yoshidamachi Commercial Avenue Association
76-3 Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0041


Nearest stations

2-minute walk from JR Kannai Station
7-minute walk from Yokohama City Subway Kannai Station