Yoshida Machiju Beer Garden

Every year on May 3rd (public holiday), and on Saturdays in late July and late August, traffic is banned during the evening hours from Yoshidamachi Hon-dori, the main street, and it is magically transformed into the “Yoshida Machiju Beer Garden”.


Residents and visitors fill the tables, toasting friends and enjoying plates of mouth-watering dishes they choose from some 40 stalls that line the sidewalks.


Live music is performed by artists and groups of all genres, from blues to Japanese wadaiko drums. Street performers keep it lively—they could be exotic belly dancers or glamorous pole dancers, depending on the night.


Come join this free-style street party and experience just how much better that beer tastes in the middle of a wide-open street on a carefree late spring holiday or lazy summer evening while watching the sky turn from blue to orange to pitch black!